Make sense of customer feedback

Language Sensor is a software platform for phrase-level sentiment analysis of Voice of Customer data


Our technology identifies multiple concepts discussed within the same document: a product review, an interview transcript, or any other form of free-text feedback.

The phrase-level analysis gives you the ability to examine sentiment around separate concepts, providing a clear picture of customer preferences and aversions.


Because it focuses on specialist domains like Banking, Supermarkets, or Restaurants, our technology achieves a higher quality of text analysis than generic, domain-independent systems.

We continuously monitor accuracy and coverage of the system on a growing number of VoC datasets. You can see a sample evaluation report here.

Ease of use

You don't need to invest any time or effort to learn how to use the system.

We will customize the system to work with your specific data with maximum accuracy. On your request, we can carry out an evaluation of the customized system on your data sample, to ensure the system achieves expected accuracy.

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